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CYHome is a place where you are guided through a trip "from your house to your home". Instead of telling you how to achieve that we will ask, motivate and inspire. We do strongly believe the only one who knows the way to your true home is You.

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One room springful home {Jednopokojowe wiosenne mieszkanie}
Homey quote {Make it simple but significant}
Weekend chillout spot {Weekendowy chillout}
What color does make you happy? {Jaki kolor Cię uszczęśliwia?}
Spiced up black&white apartment {Podkręcony apartament w tonacji black&white}
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Anna Gacka {CYHome}

Anna is founder and editor of CYHome where she brings together her passion for coaching, psychology and interior design. She is experienced Psychologist and certified Coach. Lives in Poland.

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